The Tualatin Valley and Clackamas Trout Unlimited Chapters will assist ODFW and the Clackamas River Basin Council on February 3, 2018, in placing Christmas trees in an off-channel and alcove area at Chrysalis Farms, 21410 SE Highway 224, from 9 AM to noon.  Around 300 trees are now on site for this work day and volunteers are needed to help place and secure the trees.  If you are interested in helping, please email Mike Gentry at michaelgentry04@comcast.net or call at (503) 636-0061.  We’re hoping to recruit two dozen volunteers from the two TU chapters and any others that would like to help with habitat restortation and fish rehabilitation in the Clackamas River basin. Those willing to help should provide contact information and Mike will get back to you on the status of recruitment and the plans for the work day. 

Thanks for helping on this project!